In the valley of Tarampados and on the right and left plateaus there are the most and some of the oldest and best decorated dovecotes on the island. They are a true cultural monument and treasure, just like the whole area .

During the Venetian Domination, according to the applicable law back then, dovecote ownership was the exclusive privilege of the 69 feudal lords of the island, so the locals did not have this right. We do not know from sources if the rehistoric farming existed before the Venetian domination on the island. The pigeons, in addition to the meat of their dips, also fertilize the soil with their excrements, which are considered to be first class fertilizers, which is why the locals, after the liberation, continued their cultivation. The dovecotes, made of local slate, consists of two “floors”: in the bottom are kept agricultural tools and feeds or fertilizers while the pigeons live on top.

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